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Blue Bison Holdings is an industry leader in the commercial real estate investment world. We are headquartered in Spokane Washington, and invest in apartment buildings nationwide by teaming with local operators and passive lenders.

Our investment strategy is simple: only invest for cash flow, buy at reasonable market prices, and create (never speculate) appreciation through value-add improvements and sweat equity.


Commercial Empire, a coaching program that simplifies & teaches you how to find, figure, fund, fix, fill, and cashflow apartment investments.


Through our private lending program you can start earning passive income with a predictable return, plus equity upside.


We often come across deeply discounted properties that don't meet our buying criteria that we can refer to you.


If you’re an active operator looking to scale into apartment investments and need support with funding, financing, and mentorship, we can help.

Are you interested investing with Blue Bison?

We are a family owned business that I actively growing and we would love to bring along partners and investors. Whether you are looking to sell, invest, or buy, we can assist you with it all. Building strong relationships is our passion.


Building Wealth and Unique Relationships through Apartment and Commercial Real Estate Investments

Why Us?

Blue Bison is born and raised in Spokane Washington. We have ventured into Commercial Real Estate Investments nationwide through the unique connections we have made with Joint Venturing, Local Partners and relationship building through Social Media.

"Investing in Commercial Real Estate is ultimately a value-add investment in yourself (or your future)."

― Daniel O'Bannon

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